Sportsjoy is a sports media site for people with an Active Life.

Here the spotlight is on ordinary humans and their extraordinary sports-related stories. Sportsjoy is a platform for conveying these stories to the world.

A SPORTSJOY SCRIBBLER writes articles, takes interviews or reviews events and products. It is a highly exciting and fulfilling voluntary role.

FAQ’s about becoming a SPORTSJOY SCRIBBLER

I am very keen to write for Sportsjoy, but am not a trained writer. How can I contribute?

Write whatever you can without worrying about the flow, grammar, vocabulary, spellings etc. Our editors will take care of it. Remember, your story is more important, writing skills not so much.

What are the topics that a SPORTSJOY SCRIBBLER is allowed to cover / not cover?

You can cover any topic related to sports including individual stories, stories about your friends, different experiences, opinions, advice, events, anything.

What should be the length of the articles?

No hard and fast rules but it is good to have articles between 400-1000 words.

Should there be pictures too?

Absolutely. Pictures add color to an article.

Can I interview someone interesting I know?

Yes. Interviews of people you know are interesting would be most welcome.

Are there deadlines? How often do I have to write?

This is a voluntary work to be done at your pace and convenience. No compulsions of time and frequency.

Whom do I contact, if I want to become a SPORTSJOY SCRIBBLER?

Send your article and pictures to –