Sometimes a marathon isn’t just another run against time or a competition with others. It is an experience way beyond that. Durshet Forest Marathon is one such intoxicating mix.

Durshet Forest Marathon is in the Sahyadri range beside the river Amba. Greenery, birds, and exotic views are in ample supply as one gets closer to Mother Nature.

This is on one of India’s most beautiful running routes. The run, bang in the middle of monsoon, takes one along thick forests. The rough terrain and the soothing rain makes it an experience to cherish. The route passes through beautiful villages. This is a marathon to savor.


The first phase of the forest opens up a stretch over loaded with striking greens all around, Amba river running parallel to the track, blanket of paddy fields, several streams and bridges, as the runners set the starting pace. Each turn presents a view to mesmerize. With the joy that the surroundings brings for the soul, it also has more than bagful for the body. Tough terrains, a track mixed with steep uphills and downhills and the rain to make the running trickier, the marathon has a very interesting start.


Crossing the forest the runners enter a small village, neatly tucked into nature, miles away from the chaos, civilization generally brings with it. It almost feels like a time travel.

The final part to the higher areas of the forest and grasslands begins with a rocky uphill climb, which after almost 7 kilometers of run proves tough for the most, again the rewards of the toil are laid out in abundance by nature. The uphill trail leads to open grasslands and the overwhelming beauty of Sahyadri mountain ranges around the valley. The efforts is more than worth it.

Durshet Forest Marathon is a must-do run.


Details available here – www.MonsoonMarathon.com

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