Feb Fasting Challenge – Let's go for it!


Here’s the FEB FASTING Challenge for all you fitness freaks so conscious of your diet.

We will fast every day of this month for 12 hours! Now before you jump off the chair, read how it works –

Your first meal (or just a chai) of the day is at some time in the morning, say 6:00am. Your last meal of the day will be before 6:00pm.

You will be fasting without any food intake between 6:00pm and 6:00am.

The fasting start / end time may vary from person to person but it needs to be for 12 hours.

Shibani Oberoi says it nicely, “Simply put gap between dinner and breakfast should be 12 hrs…. seems pretty workable”

However, if you are very nervous about the duration start with 10 hours or even less and take it from there. In any case most of these hours would be spent sleeping.

Just the act of disciplining oneself provides amazing benefits.

Very important instruction – please seek your doctor’s advice before undertaking this challenge.

The best way to adhere to the challenge is to post your first and last meal times every day on Whatsapp and Facebook. That will spread the message and keep you committed.

The challenge starts Feb 1st 2016 and ends on 29th Feb 2016.

You can read more about this concept here as a BBC News article – MEAL TIME CHANGE

Nikhil Shah is a celebrity runner and one of the founders of PUNE RUNNING

Initial Responses and clarifications

Feedback by Shibani on her first day
Have been trying to sleep early for so long but by the time we wrap up dinner its around 10.. but yday was different ?? n how… it was as if i was having this race against time… had to make sure i am done before 8..and guess what… i was!!! we were all in bed by 9? iss darr se kahin baadme bhookh lag gayi toh challenge haar jaayenge…jaldi jaldi so jaao ??


Clarification by Celebrity Runner Nikhil on some doubts
So you start your first tea at 5:30am then your last food for the day is 5:30 pm. No relaxation 12 hour fast. Only for one month. Point is not skip breakfast before run but have dinner early



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7 Responses

  1. Maithili says:

    Guys, Nikhil is serious OK! I spoke to him this morning. I told him how I had dinner at 8pm last night but got hungry and had a glass of milk at 10. He goes “No no no…You can only have water!” Ha Ha Ha 😀
    It will take a few days to settle in, but most of us have successfully conquered ‘No sugar challenge’ in the past. Let’s do another!

  2. Mitali Upadhye says:

    All Game for Fast Feb!!
    Trust our gurus to keep us on our toes all year round!!

  3. Neeraj says:

    10 hours seems to be doable… I am thinking of 7.30 pm to 6 am, let’s go for it

  4. Pankaj soni says:

    I am starting today with 11 hours window !!

  5. vikas says:

    I am doing a 8 to 8

  6. Tushar says:

    So, what we need to do is after dinner on s given day, next day’s breakfast should be after 12 hrs., right?

  7. Priyanka Kulkarni says:

    i have a question – today I got up at 5.45am. Had one glass of warm water and after 10 min. one banana. But had my breakfast at 9.25am. Shall I consider my dinner dead line time before 9.25pm ?