Want to run efficiently and avoid injuries? Get your gait analysis done: Atul Godbole


Gait Analysis is a scientific analysis of a runner’s posture while running. Correct running posture is extremely critical for efficient and injury-free running.

Atul Godbole‘s Motiv8 is one of the few organizations in India that conducts Gait Analysis tailored for runners. Sportsjoy spoke to Atul to find out more –

Sportsjoy – Atul, what is this running gait analysis all about?

Atul – Running gait analysis is the observation and analysis of the entire body posture while running.

Gait analysis identifies deficiencies, asymmetries, imbalances and weaknesses in running gait.

SportsjoyWhat are the benefits of running gait analysis?

Atul – Gait analysis helps eliminate injuries and become a better runner.

Some of the most common injuries like runner’s knee, IT band pain, Achilles pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and stress fractures can be traced back to a flawed running gait. Gait analysis makes the runner aware of flaws in the gait.

Eventually, proper form results in a graceful runner, one who looks very good while running.

Sportsjoy – Running is such a natural activity for all us. Why do gait analysis at all?

AtulYes, every runner has a natural running form depending upon his or her bio-mechanical setup. However, this setup is based on one’s limitations (muscle weakness, inhibitions, imbalances, inflexibility). The body is concerned only with task completion, not efficiency and long term sustainability.

It will compensate in unimaginable ways to get around whatever limitations it has. In short, the runner’s natural running form may not be the most efficient or the safest. This is why gait analysis is so essential.


SportsjoyBeing aware is fine, but do you also help reduce or eliminate the flaws?

AtulGood questions. Yes, we do! We advice specific drills, strengthening exercises and stretches customized as per the needs of each runner.

We also give helpful mental cues to be used use while running to cognitively (mindfully) eliminate the flaw.

SportsjoyCan you give a few examples of flaws detected while doing the gait analysis?

AtulOur running gait analysis screens for 16 bio-mechanical criteria (quite literally from head to toe!) which are indicators of ideal running form. Something as small as the big toe (thumb) of your foot can cause injuries and inefficiencies all the way up to the knee or hip.

An inflexibility/weakness/restriction in one leg can cause compensation with the other leg or even the arm swing. A previous injury can also lead to such a compensation and can cause a new injury. The gait analysis will detect all such compensations and will treat the problem instead of the symptoms.


SportsjoyHow and where is the running gait analysis done?

AtulThe gait analysis is performed using high-definition super slow-motion video footage captured on open ground or on treadmill.

SportsjoyHow long does it take?

AtulThe gait analysis takes around 45-60 minutes. The report is sent within two days.

SportsjoyWhat else do you do apart from gait analysis?

AtulWe also do a running specific muscle test to detect muscle imbalance, inflexibility, weakness and inhibition. Accordingly we make suggestions for improvement.

More more details and to book your gait analysis session, contact Atul Godbole at 9011060401 or info@motiv8coaching.com

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