I will climb Sinhagad Fort 42 times in 42 days: Kishor Dhankude

Kishore on Everest

Kishor Dhankude is one of the thousands of IT Professionals in India.

But then how many professionals, not just from IT, can boast of being a marathon runner who can run 42km in 3 hrs 52 min and a mountaineer who has scaled the highest peak of the world, Mt, Everest, twice?

Kishore on Everest

Kishor on Everest

Kishor has taken up a new challenge, a local one this time. He describes it thus –

I intend to climb Sinhagad Fort for 42 consecutive days. This is a tribute to my Father Late Shri Dattatraya V Dhankude inspired by the Great Maratha leader Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Day one would be 14th Feb and day 42 would be 26th March 2016, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Birth Anniversary.

As scheduled, Kishor completed his first climb to Sinhagad fort on 14th Feb. Here’s his description of the journey –


I started my day early at 5:45am running all the way from Deccan Gymkhana (Pune) to the foothills of Sinhagad fort.

It was a steady 21km run in 2 hours 40 min. But it wasn’t without excitement. I had to navigate and negotiate my way through stray dog attacks, early morning rash drivers and bad roads.

There was still enough enthusiasm and stamina when I began the ascent. This time the interruptions came from well-wishers, friends and my trek partner (my friend’s eight year old son). Nothing to complain about.

The climb took us 1 hour 15 min to completed.

We proceeded to Tanaji Malusare statue and then to the highest point of the fort, Kondhaneshwar Mandir.


Sinhagad fort is one of the major attractions around Pune. A very scenic locale, great history and well maintained location makes it a popular tourist destination.

The journey was just half way through.

The real test of endurance, physical and mental, was about to begin.

Inspiration to humans comes in different forms. At the top a local guide had narrated Tanaji’s heroism to us. It kept ringing in my mind.

Inspired by Tanaji, off I went in sprint mode down the hill and reached the foothills in less than 29 minutes!

5 minutes late and I would have missed the Sinhagad-Pune bus! Lucky me.


My mates Lalit Suryawanshi & Kapilesh Kale received me at Rajaram Bridge.
We celebrated my first climb in Hotel Samudra, NAL stop with a “Mint Gulab” drink.

Readers, we will keep you updated on Kishor’s progress as he traverses through the remaining 41 days.

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