A Marathoner and a Life-Saver – Dr. Sudhir’s story


Dr. Sudhir Wadgaonkar’s story of how he saved a young man’s life –

Last week I was out on the roads of Khadki cantonment for a 5k run. It was a nice run until I was jolted by a major road accident right in front of my eyes.

It was a collision between a cyclist and motor biker. The cyclist  got away without any injury. However, the biker fell down and hit the ground face first with the helmet windows10productkey.org turned reverse! He had leg and foot injuries too.

I turned him around on to his back and checked the pulse. There was none. I thought he was dead. For a moment I was scared and worried about getting entangled in police investigations. But I banished the thought quickly.

I started cardiac  massage and gave impulses to his heart. After  40sec his pulse came back and in a little while he opened his eyes. A few other onlookers helped me shift him to a nearby hospital.

The doctors advised him CT scan and further treatment. There was no police complaint. And the matter was closed.

The helmet had not been locked with the belt that’s why the impact was so high. Once he was back to normal I made him understand the importance of following traffic rules and strapping the helmet properly. I was reminded of Swamy’s line “zindangi  na milegi dobara”.

I felt satisfied and happy that I have saved a life today.

Dr. Sudhir Wadgaonkar is an Eye Surgeon from Vishrantwadi. He has done over 15000 cataract operations, many of them for charity.

He is a marathoner plus a long windows10productkey distance cyclist.

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