My experience at the Motiv8 Running and Training Workshop – Vinita Apte

My experience of attending Motiv8’s Running and Training Workshop in Feb 2016.

Vinita Apte

Train smart, not hard – this is the mantra for new athletes like me, who literally stumbled upon the sport of putting one foot in front of the other, gaining momentum to move forward and all the while breathing as if it was their last breath. Well I am talking about running! This bug bit me just over a year back and I can call myself a recreational runner now.

For those of you who know you, I won’t blame you if you don’t believe I can run. A gazelle I am not, neither a leopard, but nor am I garden variety buffalo. Imagine me as a wild buffalo that can run and even gallop. I digress, so running has become a habit of sorts and I enjoy it not only for its health benefits, but also for the therapeutic affect it has on me.

Having run a few 10k races, I can say I have a fair knowledge of what demands this sport makes on your body. A couch potato for more than 15 years, my body was like a wet dishrag. I trained myself using a few mobile apps. Yoga helped me build some stamina and it also saved me from some serious running injuries. That was the extent of my knowledge about running. I wanted to understand how my body functioned and coped with the rigors of this sport. I wanted to learn how to train better.


That is when Atul Godbole of Motiv8 announced, “The complete running and training workshop”. I decided to attend it and that was one of the best decisions I made. The workshop was designed exceptionally well, where all participants had firsthand experience of what we had to do to run better, eat better and train better.

The workshop started with a small run to a nearby ground to get our blood pumping. It was followed by a sequence of warm up exercises that are to be done before one starts running. It was a revelation for me as I had been skipping this part. This was followed by GAIT ANALYSIS to check out running form.

Back at the gym, which was the venue of the workshop, we stretched till our muscles screamed. Our efforts were rewarded with a healthy breakfast. Atul then talked about the mechanics of running, common running injuries and ways to deal with them.

The two hour Q&A session along with a presentation was very helpful. The discussions were stimulating and rid us of many misconceptions and ignorance. This was followed by a strength training session. I have always avoided strength training but now realize that my Runner’s Knee problem can be traced back to it. I have promised myself to work on strength diligently.

A healthy lunch was in order. Atul proceeded to talk about nutrition and food, which again is a very important of overall fitness and health. He explained to us about rest and recovery something which most runners ignore and the pay the price for.


He demonstrated to us the use of a foam roller and how we can massage the muscles of our entire body. The workshop ended with us getting a goodie bag, and printouts of the exercises we had done during the workshop.

Atul’s Running and Training Workshop gives us a lot of important information which we must have and also makes us realize our mistakes. The advice on nutrition, exercises and stretches demonstrated by Atul are extremely useful.

I would strongly recommend Atul Godbole’s workshop to anyone who is into fitness.

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