God has Angels and I have seen one: Santanam Swamy

Prashant JogPrashant Jog

Just as a disaster strikes out of the blue, angels too appear unexpectedly.

On 2nd April 2016, I took part in the Pune-Lonavla-Pune 100 k cycling challenge. I witnessed a horrifying and haunting accident just a few meters ahead of me. Ashish Mehta, another rider from Mumbai, lost his balance while guiding our fellow rider Aakriti near Wadgaon junction.

He had a terrible fall and was trying to crawl and moaning in pain. . His forearm was broken from the middle and we saw it had turned 90* from the middle. Radius bone piercing out from the flesh and blood oozing out as if gushing out of a pump.

Aakriti, Kavita, another rider and I were in a state of shock as we watched Ashish’s condition. Local villagers and a couple of event volunteers reached the spot. The ambulance was called for. We were assured help would arrive soon and were asked to move on.

I was completely disoriented and barely reached Lonavala.

Meanwhile Prashant Jog, a fellow rider and a dear friend, had a flat tyre very early in the race and decided to drop out. He was understandably disappointed but decided to get his car from the starting point and just drive along the route.

His personal setback was a blessing in disguise.

As he drove along he reached the spot where Ashish was lying on the road in a pool of blood. People around were intending to help but didn’t know what to do.

Prashant took charge of the situation. With some help he picked up Ashish and got him inside the car. He drove straight to the Saibaba Hospital in Dehu Road. He stayed with Ashish at the hospital and finally drove him up to the finishing point.

Ashish alighted from the car with a temporary cast and cling, and a big smile on his face. The relief on everyone’s faces was boundless.

Ashish’s misfortune and Prashant’s timely flat tyre just didn’t seem like a coincidence. My faith in God became stronger.

Ashish went back to Mumbai and is recovering.

Prashant – you made us proud and revived people’s faith in human kindness. We salute you!


Author – Santanam Swamy is a Pune-based runner

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