PRBM 100,000KM in 100 days Challenge!


After our stupendous success in 2015 for the PRBM 50,000 challenge PUNE RUNNING is pleased to announce a BIGGER Challenge for PRBM 2016 – 100,000KM in 100 days!

In a demonstration of togetherness, solidarity and our commitment towards fitness and running we will collectively run 100,000KM in 100 days.

The challenge is from 9th July 2016 to 16th Oct 2016. Exactly windows 10 product key for 100 days leading up to PRBM day, 16-Oct-2016.

Click here – JOIN THE 100,000KM in 100 days Challenge

For technical help, checkout – Help with Endomondo or Whatsapp Maithili (9881091865).

Thereafter download the app on your mobile phone and switch on Endomondo whenever you run. Your kilometres will be added to the challenge automatically.

All you have to do is run. Every KM that each one of us runs takes us closer to our goal of 100,000KM. Get all your friends and families on-board too!

This is a unique, never before achieved feat in our part of the world. Let’s get there together!


Who can take part in this challenge?

Anyone from anywhere.

Is the challenge only restricted to Running? Can I go on a cycle or a bike or car and still log the distance?

Run or Walk, Yes. Vehicles, No.

Where do I log the distance?

Endomondo is the world’s most popular app amongst runners. All data will be captured in Endomondo. Download the app on your mobile. While running, switch on the app and phone GPS to capture the exact distance covered.

For details read here – Help with Endomondo

Endomondo also allows manual entries.

How do I join the challenge in Endomondo?

Click here: JOIN THE 100,000KM in 100 days Challenge

Registration on Endomondo site is Free.

What if I am unable to / don’t want to use Endomondo while running?

No problem. You can log your run details manually in Endomondo.

Will there be any other place to log the distance run apart from Endomondo?

Endomondo integrates with Garmin Connect. So that’s another option.

Do I need to prove that I actually ran the distance?

No. We trust you!

Do we need to run together?

Not necessarily. You can run wherever and whenever you want. Just log the distance in Endomondo and your contribution windows 10 Product key online is captured!

For any other questions, drop a Whatsapp message to Maithili (98810 91865), Vikas Kumar (90490 07523), Sudhindra Haribhat (97670 53217) or Mahesh Narkar (98224 52962).

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