Training for My first Full Marathon (MyFM) Run in PRBM 2016


A large number of runners intend to run their First Full Marathon (42.2km) at PUNE RUNNING‘s flagship event PRBM on 16th Oct 2016. Many of you have approached us for a structured program to help you reach that goal.

We are thrilled to announce a training program for full marathon aspirants. The program will be run in groups in different parts of the city and you can join any group as per your convenience.

Our experienced and highly enthusiastic trainers will guide you all the way through.

This is a FREE OF CHARGE activity by PUNE RUNNING. The trainers would be as desperate as you to get you to the finish line!

The training program will be launched on Saturday, 2nd July 2016, 6:00AM. Venue – Pune University Main Building.

Given below is the day-wise schedule to be followed –

# Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun Date
Week1 5 10 03-Jul
Week2 Rest 8 5 ST Rest 5 11 10-Jul
Week3 Rest 8 7 ST Rest 5 8 17-Jul
Week4 Rest 8 8 ST Rest 5 15 24-Jul
Week5 Rest 8 8 ST Rest 5 11 31-Jul
Week6 Rest 8 10 ST Rest 5 19 07-Aug
Week7 Rest 8 10 ST Rest 5 21 14-Aug
Week8 Rest 8 11 ST Rest 6 16 21-Aug
Week9 Rest 8 11 ST Rest 6 24 28-Aug
Week10 Rest 8 13 ST Rest 8 21 04-Sep
Week11 Rest 8 15 ST Rest 8 29 11-Sep
Week12 Rest 8 15 ST Rest 8 23 18-Sep
Week13 Rest 8 16 ST Rest 8 32 25-Sep
Week14 Rest 8 13 ST Rest 6 25 02-Oct
Week15 Rest 6 10 ST Rest 5 13 09-Oct
Week16 Rest 4 6 ST Rest 3 42 16-Oct

Numbers above are in kilometers (KM)

ST – Strength Training

Notes –

The program starts from Saturday, 1st July 2016 and concludes on PRBM day, 16th Oct 2016.

  • We will have experienced runners as trainers throughout the program.
  • Trainers may choose to make some modifications to the training schedule as and when required.
  • Activities are a mix of running and strength training.
  • Rest days are no activity days.

Who can follow this program?

Anyone who can run a half marathon in less than 2 hours 30 min can join this training program.

Who Is eligible to be part of this program?

This program is for anyone above 18 years of age. Please get a go ahead from your doctor to take part in this program. Pune Running will not be responsible for any consequences.

When and where will we train?

The idea is to train in a group so that you stay motivated and can gain knowledge from fellow runners.

Weekday trainings can be done in your local group or on your own. Weekend training, to the extent possible, should be done with the group.

What if I miss a run?

There can be various hurdles along the way – travel, office work, family commitments, also illness. It is ok if you miss out sometimes. Just go with your trainer’s advice when you resume.

Why is Strength Training included in the Training?

Running, you should know, is NOT a Legs-only exercise. We use the muscles of our entire body to move forward. To maintain balance, to avoid fatigue and injuries it is very important that the all our supporting muscles are strong. The Strength training exercises are intended to make the supporting muscles stronger.

By the way, it is perfectly alright to go to the gym on strength training days. On some days you may even choose to cross-train (swim, cycle, walk, yoga)

Can I join mid-way through the program?

Yes, you may. Please discuss with the trainer for a customized program for you to catch up.

What kind of training can I expect?

The training will be done by PUNE RUNNING’s very own experienced runners. They will advise on running techniques, diet, strategy for race day and how to avoid injuries.

They will lead the groups during the various sessions and keep everyone motivated and excited.

We will also be conducting lectures and awareness sessions by renowned trainers.

How do I join the program?

Send a Whatsapp message to Vikas Kumar (90490 07523), Sudhindra Haribhat (97670 53217) or Mahesh Narkar (98224 52962) to join the program.

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