PUNE RUNNING's Program for Beginners – My5K


My5K is PUNE RUNNING’s eight-week program designed for absolute beginners.

The goal of the program is to help men and women, irrespective of age, weight, and current fitness levels, run 5 kilometers non-stop.

This is a FREE eight-week program conducted by our voluntary trainers.

You may join the program at Viman Nagar or Pune University locations.


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Week 1

Easy Fun Run

Week 2

1 pole* run, 1 walk (3km) 2 poles run, 1 walk (3km) 2 poles run, 1 walk (3km)
Week 3 3 poles run, 1 walk (3km) 3 poles run, 1 walk (3km) 3 poles run, 1 walk (3km)
Week 4 5 poles run, 1 walk (3km) 7 poles run, 1 walk (3km) 7 poles run, 1 walk (3km)
Week 5 0.5km run, 0.5km walk, 0.5km run, 0.5km walk

1k run, 1k walk

1k run, 0.5k walk, 1k run, 0.5k walk

Week 6

1k run, 0.5k walk, 1k run, 0.5k walk

1k run, 0.5k walk, 1k run, 0.5k walk

3km run, 0.5km walk

Week 7

2.5k run, 1.5k walk

2.5k run, 1.5k walk

3.5k run, 1k walk

Week 8

2k run

2k run


*Electrical poles along the streets

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can follow this program?

Anyone. However, please seek your doctor’s advice before joining the program.

Is there an age limit to follow the program?

No age limits.

I am an absolute beginner. I can’t run. I barely walk. Can I still join the program?

Definitely yes. We will help you.

I don’t want to do a 5k. In fact I don’t want a goal at all, I want to run for fun. Can I still join the program?

Absolutely. Just come along and have fun.

Can I follow this program on my own?

You may follow the program on your own. However, it would be better to go with a trainer.

What if I miss certain days of training OR I am struggling to meet the levels of the week?

Repeat a week until you are comfortable with it. Don’t try too hard.

Can someone join mid-way through the program?

Yes it is possible. The trainer will give you a modified program

Why only 3 days of the week?

A beginner should only run for 3 days a week. The body needs time to recover from the stress.

What should I do on the remaining 4 days of the week?

Do some cross training (cycling, swimming, walking) OR strength training OR yoga OR dance. You should rest completely for at least one day of the week.

Which 3 days of the week is the workout?

The precise days depends on the convenience of the local trainer and the runners.

What is the trainer’s role?

The trainer will guide you on all the fundamental aspects of running – warmup, stretching, non-running training, speed, distance, clothes, shoes, diet, hydration, breathing and so on.

What happens after I achieve the 5k goal?

There will be newer challenges to maintain your excitement. Be patient, stay focussed!

How can I join the program?

Send an sms or whatsapp message to one of our contacts –

Viman Nagar – Aparna Prabhudesai – 83903 45533, Ashutosh Nadkarni – 99707 99993

Pune University – Sudhindra Haribhat – 97670 53217, Vikas Kumar – 90490 07523

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5 Responses

  1. Nandini says:

    Yes, I would like to join this running program.

  2. Sudhi says:

    Nandini, please contact one of the trainers to get started. Names and numbers given above.

  3. Pratibhaa says:

    Hi ! I am running 10 km . Participated & successfully completed 10km twice in 1hr 25min & 1hr 20m8n respectively…would like to run half marathon till next January. Plz guide how do I train myself?

    • Sudhi says:

      Pratibhaa, you can join one of the Pune Running groups which are present across Pune. Let us know your area.
      If you are not from Pune then let us know your city and we will connect you to someone there.

  4. Rajiv Chippalkatti says:

    Due to diabetes I was having a walking problem which is current solved to some extent. I want to give a try for this programme